Learn to Swim



“With swimming being very much an essential life skill in our society, we were keen to have our son, Julian, become a capable swimmer from a young age. Due to his intellectual disability and physical limitations, he was initially engaged in private lessons and a small group arrangement with a support instructor. Progress was minimal and there wasn’t much opportunity for social interaction. It was by word-of-mouth that we discovered Superfins more than six years ago. Julian commenced in the Learn to Swim program and growth was evident on so many levels. His technique improved incredibly as did his social skills, independence and desire to attend lessons. We were amazed by the inclusiveness of Superfins. People with a range of disabilities and varied abilities were encouraged and nurtured towards becoming capable swimmers, whilst having fun. The club is so well organised and the amazing coaching staff challenge and engage all the swimmers that come through the program. Superfins has provided so many varied opportunities for Julian, including competition swimming at the regular Club Swim meets and open water swimming at Matilda Bay. The social side of the club is something quite special with the annual camp, disco, bowling, movie catch ups and end of year Club dinner always a highlight. Julian has made so many friends through Superfins and we’ve benefited from getting to know wonderful families along our journey. As we reflect back over Julian’s swimming progression over the years, it has surpassed any of our initial expectations. Now in the Stroke Development Squad, he is able to swim three times a week and is working to better his stroke, dive entry and improve his fitness. Seeing our child that was once a reluctant swimmer now eager to swim laps continuously, and so well, testifies to an exceptional group of people that facilitate an extraordinary swimming club.”

Carmel (Superfins parent)